Skate Gate Ice Rink is the largest in Sharjah. Al Matroushi Group is proud to provide the visitors with a unique skating experience. At skate gate we hold ourselves up to highest standards for safety practices and ensure our visitors a safe time on the ice and a lovely skating experience.

Our team in Skate Gate is our biggest investment in the facility. Their dedication and commitment are what makes our ice rink. Ice Rink’s team members are well trained to execute all skating maneuvers and train other to the basics of skating. Most importantly, our team are taught to politely address all needs of our visitors.


The ice rink is equipped with the latest skating gear. Starting with the skates, we selected Roxa skates as a well-known brand in this industry. We provide 2 types of skates to our visitors (figure skates – hockey skates). In addition to that, we accommodate beginners by providing them with skating aid such as penguins, bears and seals up to their desire. Our visitors’ experience in Skate Gate is held at the utmost importance hence all what a visitor might need is provided.

Skate Gate is open year-round to facilitate individuals and groups of 120+ people at once.  Skate Gate makes special offers occasionally for the visitors and its announced on social media channels.

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