Group Of Companies

Group Of Companies

Explore the synergy and collaboration within our dynamic group of companies, each contributing to a collective success story.

Al Shaab Village

Al Shaab Village is a shopping mall in Sharjah with a unique exhibition hall made of 240 stalls, an ice-skating rink, outdoor amusement park, an indoor and outdoor food court, indoor playground, billiards center and a Cinema.

Palmiye Emirates

Palmiye Emirates is the exclusive supplier of Smart Shading Systems by Palmiye Global in UAE. We offer a range of luxurious shading systems like pergolas, awnings and bioclimatic pergolas in addition to glass systems.


The newest company under Al Matroushi group established in Turkey, Istanbul. Maxxmora is a topnotch state of the art outdoor furniture brand. Maxxmora targets a niche market of clients with luxurious taste in outdoor living areas.

The Village Mall

The second mall of Al Matroushi group. Estimated to open in 2025, the village will have the biggest Ice Rink in Sharjah ever plus various shopping, dinning, entertainment and sports facilities. The project is built on an area of 500,000 sq ft. in Al Suyoh suburb.

Art Solution

Art Solution Interior Design offers a wide range of interior design services to clients in UAE. The company has a high level of expertise in interior design and provides superior personal services to all clients.


Proudly presented to the UAE market by Al Matroushi group to offer the consumers natural mineral alkaline water. Our distribution network of Ceysu is well established central emirates and soon will cover entire UAE with plans to expand cross the border.

Al Shaab Cinema

The newest entertainment experience for Al Shaab Village’s visitors. Showing the latest movies from Hollywood, Bollywood and Arabic Cinema satisfying the different tastes of cinema goers in the region.

Skate Gate

Skate Gate is the largest ice skating rink in Sharjah which has the state of the art Skating facility, skating equipment and well-trained staff. Skate Gate Ice Rink is one of the best destinations for families to have a great time.

Abdullah Al Dah Construction

Abdullah Al Matroushi Group now has another venture under its umbrella and it’s the Abdullah Al Dah Construction Management.

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