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Discover the purity and excellence of Turkey's most awarded water – Ceysu, pronounced as Jeysu. Sourced from the pristine Taurus mountains in the Antalya province of southern Turkey, Ceysu stands as a testament to the natural wonders found in the heart of the region.

Proudly introduced to the UAE market by Al Matroushi Group, Ceysu embodies the essence of natural mineral alkaline water. With a commitment to delivering the finest quality to consumers, our water is renowned for its pristine origins and exceptional taste.

Our distribution network of Ceysu is strategically established across the central emirates, ensuring that this pure and revitalizing water is readily accessible. As we grow, our plans extend beyond borders, with imminent expansion covering the entire UAE. Ceysu is more than water; it’s an experience of purity and authenticity, straight from the heart of Turkey to enrich lives in the UAE. Explore the refreshing journey with Ceysu – where nature meets hydration.

About Ceysu

Experience the difference with Ceysu — a testament to purity, quality, and excellence.


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